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Green Logistics. Because the Future Can't Wait.


Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing our generation.

Increasingly authorities and consumers expect business to calculate, account for and reduce their carbon emissions. CO2 accounting is a new science and there is no single way of doing it. This can make calculating your carbon footprint rather complicated.

Do you know where you stand?
Reporting of carbon emissions is the first step to greening your logistics. We provide an easy to understand CO2 report that gives full transparency of the emissions generated from your air and ocean freight within the DHL network.

Our carbon calculation follows transparent and public standards that ensure the greatest level of confidence in the CO2 figures generated. The carbon emissions report can be prepared on an agreed monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, dependant on your and your customers needs.

The calculation follows the principles of the global greenhouse gas protocol as well as the world economic forum’s guidelines for consignment-level carbon reporting.

How to offset unavoidable CO2 Emissions

In addition to the carbon reporting we will also show you how to offset the amount of your carbon emissions by investing in certified CO2 reduction projects. Each year we can issue a certificate that shows the accrued CO2 emissions of your business versus the neutralization through your carbon offsetting. This certificate can be used for internal or public purpose which is certified by a third-party, e.g. SGS. With GOGREEN, you get two for one: The best and greenest logistics service from a single source. It doesn't get any simpler than this.

Please note that carbon offsetting is only available in combination with the GoGreen carbon report.

Take it to the next step

If you require more advanced carbon emissions insight to demonstrate the CO2 emissions throughout your whole supply chain we can offer you our Carbon Dashboard. The Carbon Dashboard is a powerful web based tool that can map the carbon emissions generated while in DHL’s air and ocean freight network as well as third-party networks, down to shipment level.

It provides you with the flexibility of amending different views of the variety of carbon reports that are most relevant to you to measure emission improvements over time.

In order to optimize your supply chain and to make beneficial logistics decisions, this web based tool gives you the ability to simulate and assess the carbon footprint. You can run “what-if” scenarios in using for example different transportation modes, or it helps you to identify how to use container capacity more efficiently.
No matter how big (or small) your company, DHL’s GoGreen program is exactly the right size.

Key benefits of GOGREEN

  • Simplified CO2 reports giving you emissions transparency generated by your business with DHL
  • CO2 calculations based on transparent and public standards that gives you extra confidence in the CO2 figures
  • All-inclusive service and auditable CO2 baseline to help meet your offsetting objectives
  • Advanced Carbon Dashboard – web based tool that demonstrates improved transparency and provides the ability to run “what-if" scenarios to reduce carbon emissions throughout the optimization of your supply chain