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TSA CCSP Screening Program

What Does This Mean to You?

 DHL – the leader in both Air and Ocean Freight services is prepared to screen all cargo in our Certified Cargo Screening Facilities (CCSF).

The purpose of the TSA CCSP Screening Program is to reduce the threat of explosive devices placed on passenger aircrafts with the intent to disable the plane and harm passengers.

We have prepared in advance for this new mandate so that we may continue to offer you unparalleled security and service.

 How Will Your Cargo be Screened?

  • Each “piece” will be subject to Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) or physical screening. A “Piece” is generally defined as a single box, carton or container that houses material.
  • ETD technology requires a swab to be applied directly to the surface of the piece, then placed into an analyzer to determine if any explosive elements are present.
  • The swab must touch the piece – not the over-wrapping (shrink-wrap). This could mean removing material to view all components for inspection.
  • Physical inspection or visual inspection where the screener can clearly identify the material on the skid or open container to determine that explosive material is not present.

TSA CCSP Screening Program Facts

  • The entire warehouse in our facilities are approved by TSA as Designated Security Areas (DSA)
  • Our screening personnel are registered by TSA as having a Security Threat Assessment (STA)

Have a question?

Please visit our TSA CCSP FAQs for answers to question frequently asked by our customers. If you do not find the answer to your question, please contact our TSA CCSP experts.