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File Your EEI Electronically with DHL Express

A dutiable shipment with a single commodity valued over $2,500 US requires filing Electronic Export Information (EEI) to receive an Internal Transaction Number (ITN) necessary for export. We've made it easy to create your export documentation by providing automated Customs documentation tools.

Please Note: The Electronic Export Filer Options and Access Have Changed.

Why wait for an Internal Transaction Number (ITN)?  The Electronic Export Filing process has been streamlined, saving you time and extra steps.  Now you no longer need to submit a separate ITN request for your international shipment.  You can designate DHL to be your filing agent at the same time that you prepare your waybill.  Enter your EEI, print your waybill and affix it to your shipment. It is that easy!
Click Help at any time while you are preparing your waybill for details or clarification.
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The DHL Electronic Export Filer is only available for self filing with AES WebLink to help you in cases when you need to manually add your ITN to your waybill.
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Simply get the port of export and carrier code information.
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EEI/SED Regulatory Changes for US Export Shipments

The Census Bureau of the US Department of Commerce (DOC) issued on June 2, 2008, revised export regulations that became effective July 2, 2008, requiring that all Electronic Export Information (EEI; formerly SED) must be filed and accepted in the AES two hours before scheduled flight departure and that an Internal Transaction Number (ITN) is available on the commercial loading document (i.e. waybill).
An EEI Filing is required when one of the following conditions apply:
  1. An individual Schedule B/HTS item value exceeds $2500 US to all foreign destinations (except to Canada)
  1. An individual Schedule B/HTS item value exceeds $2500 US for shipment being shipped as follows:
  • from the US to Puerto Rico
  • from Puerto Rico to the US
  • from the US or Puerto Rico to the US Virgin Islands
  • trans-shipped through or for storage in Canada, but ultimately destined to a third country
  1. A shipment (regardless of value) is transported under an export license issued by the applicable US Government agency (e.g., Dept of State, Dept of Commerce, etc.) including Canada destinations and including Carnets; or
  1. A shipment (regardless of value) is subject to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) , including shipments exempt from licensing requirements and including shipments to Canada; or
  1. A shipment (regardless of value) contains rough diamonds (under Schedule B’s 7102.10, 7102.21 and 7102.31, including shipments to Canada; or
  1. A shipment (regardless of value) is destined to a US Department of Commerce authorized Validated End User (VEU); or
  1. A shipment (regardless of value other than personal correspondence or business records) is destined to restricted countries such as Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. (DHL Express USA currently does not provide Worldwide Priority Express (WPX) to these restricted countries unless pre-authorized by the Trade Compliance Department.)
DHL strongly encourages customers to obtain AES-filer status with the US Department of Commerce as soon as possible.
For more information, visit the Census Bureau Foreign Trade Division AES websiteExternal Link / New Window: For more information, visit the Census AES website
Additional information can be found directly from the following US Government websites:
Managing your shipment documentation has never been easier! DHL now has three different options for you to file your EEI to obtain and ITN with us.
This information is provided for your convenience and is not intended to be used as the absolute definition of trade laws or regulations.