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Integrated Shipping Solutions – Customization and Flexibility

DHL makes express shipping simple and efficient with fully-integrated business solutions.

What is DHL Integration Solutions?

DHL Integration Solutions are online web services integration capabilities that provides DHL service availability, transit times, rates, shipment and courier pickup booking along with shipment tracking from over 165 countries around the world. Using DHL Integration Solutions, customers can incorporate DHL shipping functionality into their websites, customer service applications or order processing systems.

When would you use DHL Integration Solutions?

  • Ideal for shippers and software partners that want to use an in-house application for DHL services such as label printing and tracking
  • An excellent and flexible alternative when other DHL shipping tools do not meet the requirements
  • Specifically geared toward users that have experience with web services and XML messaging
  • Ideal for enhancing the functionality of web pages or web shops

Already integrated and need technical assistance? Contact Us.

What are DHL EDI Solutions?

DHL EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Solutions integrate DHL tracking, invoicing, and remittance capabilities into your existing systems. Highly advanced formats let you import relevant shipping information as you need it via electronic transfer -- from shipment details to billing data. DHL EDI Solutions are designed to quickly onboard customers of all sizes with a variety of standardized formats to fit your specific needs.

When would you use DHL EDI Solutions?

  • Ideal for companies who want to receive invoices directly into their computer bypassing the manual and costly data entry process
  • An excellent remittance alternative to streamline the accounts payable process
  • Specifically geared toward companies who need timely shipment status automatically updated as often as 18 times per day

What are DHL Custom Solutions?

DHL offers combining tools and services to help you build DHL functionality into your own shipping systems. Create international shipping labels, manifest from your own system and transmit daily shipment information to DHL. This solution is best suited for shippers with unique shipment processing requirements.

When would you request DHL Custom Solutions?

Building your own solutions gives you the flexibility to control development time and effort. It also lets you decide on the exact functionality, automation and performance delivered to your warehouse or user.